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User Training Guide

First Time Zoom Users

  • Download and install (Windows OS/Mac OS) the Zoom Desktop Client.
  • Install the Zoom Chrome plug-in make meeting scheduling easier.
  • Restart your browser after the client install to complete certificate registration and allow connection.
  • Check Zoom client connection after you restart the browser.
  • To sign in to Zoom please use the "Sign in with Google" option, and select your account

What Do I Need To Join A Zoom Conference

  • Download (Windows OS/MacOS) the Zoom Desktop Client.
  • Cick on the meeting URL provided by the host OR click on Join Meeting link and enter the meeting ID number.
  • TIP - Remember to restart your browser if you have just installed the client for the first time.
  • You can join a Zoom Conference once you have installed the Zoom client and obtained the meeting ID details from the host

What Do I Need To Host A Zoom Conference

  • You will require a Zoom account and the Zoom Desktop Client or Zoom Mobile App.
  • You can start an instant Zoom conference from the Zoom clients and invite people to your conference meeting ID.
  • You can schedule a Zoom conference, then copy the Zoom conference details and use your Calendar or Email to invite internal and/or external attendees.